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    Hello, I once posted about xkey air connection with external bluetooth dongle. Now, I bought widi bud and can connect my xkey air to my macbook pro early 2011, 13-inch.

    Here is a question with widi bud.

    Can I use widi bud not only connection for xkey air but also normal BLE transceiver?

    With widi bud, I can connect Xkey air but still my system report said “Bluetooth Low Energy supported : NO”. It seems that it can function only for MIDI connection.
    Share with me if you have any good tips!
    I use OS X Sierra 10.12.2.


    I was replied that WIDI bud is only for MIDI connection, not for universal BLE transceiver. Thank you for the answer, CME customer service team 🙂

    NP Lim

    Hi Mr. Zhao (CEO)

    This is second time i noticed was not able to continue the other topic about the WidiBud issue.
    You advise me to turn off the PC bluetooth and try again remember?

    Here is the outcome showing in your WIDIBUD Plus software 1.1, WIDIBUD Firmware 1.2 recently

    1 MIDI device nearby..
    0 BLE MIDI device connected (scanning…)

    I then turn on Bluetooth on my BLE MIDI device.

    1 MIDI device nearby..
    1 BLE MIDI device connected (No Scanning)

    1 sec after connection drop.

    MIDIBUD can’t hold on to the connection.

    Please help me. I will find CME everywhere in website, fb to answer me. PLS>

    Zhao Yitian

    Dear NP Lim,
    Can you let us know which Bluetooth MIDI device you used? The brand and model information, thanks.

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